Meditation Set (8 short guided meditations)

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The Meditation Set includes 8 short meditations:

(1) Morning Gratitude Meditation - 5 minute guided meditation focusing on gratitude

(2) Beach Waves Meditation - 7.5 minute guided meditation video featuring  sounds and sights of ocean waves (at sunset) in the background along with a voiceover guiding you

(3) Tea Time Meditation - 7 minute guided meditation to be used as a transition (from work to home/kids coming home from school/etc)--make yourself your favorite beverage to fully experience this one

(4) 5 Minute Calming Breathing Meditation - 5 minute guided meditation focusing on the breath

(5) Fountain Meditation - 6.5 minute guided meditation video filmed in nature featuring a voiceover and the sounds of nature

(6) Just Ocean Waves - 9.5 minutes of pure crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico lapping into shore

(7) 2 Minute Gratitude Meditation - 2 minutes to easily fit into your day to bring you back to what you are grateful of

(8) Mid Day 2 Minute (breath) Meditation Break - 2 minutes to easily take a break anywhere (at your desk, in your car) to bring you back to your breath so you can calm down


Some of these meditations are included on other sets; if you have already purchased another set that included some of these meditations, but you would like this full set, please send me an email at (include which set you already purchased) and I will send you back a discount code so you aren't paying for some meditations twice.

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Meditation Set (8 short guided meditations)

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